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At FÔRM, we take a holistic approach to health and wellness 

Working with the team at FÔRM Studio is an experience very different from a typical gym, yielding very different results. Our team is comprised of performance athletes who continually study the latest advancements in human movement and biomechanics, applying them to the whole body so you can attain the results you’re looking or now and in the years to come.

Foundational to our approach is a focus on functional health and well-being. Simply put, that means supporting you in keeping your body in a condition that allows you to do the activities you want day in and day out, moving safely and freely throughout your life.

For younger people, this often means performance sports and high intensity athletics. For older people, it means staying strong, remaining pain free, and, for some, recovering swiftly and fully from injury or surgery.

By focusing on functional health, it means you won’t be the person who looks strong and fit, but then throws your back out when you bend down to pick up the laundry. If you’re an athlete, it means you’ll likely be able to compete for years without chronic injuries.

Cycling is at the core of our training because we know it is one of the best ways to stay fit throughout life. It allows our clients to build strength and cardio-vascular health without overstressing the body.

In addition to personal training, endurance coaching, and bike fitting, we have great relationships with practitioners skilled in metabolic testing, nutrition, movement therapy, body work and more.

And we have a supporting community that gathers regularly, united in our shared focus on being healthy and vibrant – and having fun in the process.

‘We look not only at the whole body when optimizing health and wellness, but the whole person. And we look not over a season, but over a lifetime.’
— Jake Wells